Housing Authority Partners

Conservation for All: A New Way To Reach Sustainability Goals

Conserve Natural Resources, Lower Costs

Energy and water utility bills can really add up, costing low-income families and housing authorities millions of dollars each year. Conservation for All can help.

As part of the nonprofit Resource Central, we connect high-impact conservation programs with generous supporters to make them available to families in need. This brings the funding needed to purchase LED lightbulbs, high-efficiency toilets, room retrofits, and solar panels to improve housing authority-owned homes throughout the region.

Here’s the best part. Not only do these products help families conserve natural resources, but they help lower monthly utility bills and stretch tight budgets too. It’s an innovative, scalable model with a tangible community impact.

We’re partnering with a growing number of housing authorities in Colorado. Interested in learning more how you can participate? Contact Liz at Resource Central: emarchitto@resourcecentral.org.

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